Colors Of Jamaica

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This was taken back in June on our vacation to Montego Bay, Jamaica. The resort we stayed at did not have many different locations to shoot the sunset from. So I set the camera really low to the ground to exaggerate the rocks on the shore line for a good foreground subject. I also used my 9 stop graduated neutral density filter to get the milky smooth water. Now that I started using the filter with water in the photos, I don’t like any scenes I took without one! I can’t wait to go on vacation in 2015 to use it during every sunset!

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Will Call

This was my second time in the Larimer Elementary School. While very excited to get back into this fantastic abandoned building, I really didn’t think I would get an opportunity to take different photos than what I had already captured. I was entirely wrong! I ended up coming home with more photos than the first! I met up with Mike “Theaterwiz” Criswell on a chilly Saturday morning to hit up a few abandoned buildings in the Pittsburgh area. We spent a few hours exploring three different buildings and came home with a plethora of images.

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Yellow Steel

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Taken on the North Shore during a photo walk with my Dad and Brook Ward back in October, I wanted to get a different perspective of on of the three Sister Bridges. I set my camera on the bridge with no tripod and fired off a few brackets. We had an exceptional blue hour that night. I wish that blue hour could last longer than the name suggests. It certainly isn’t an hour. Blue hour would be more appropriate if it were named “Blue 25 Minutes”. There is only a small window to run around and snap off some photos until it gets too dark out and I think we made the most of it that night.

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Sing Along

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This was taken from my urbex adventures with Mike “Theaterwiz” Criswell last weekend. I’ve never been inside this church before, but knew that it was abandoned for some time now. So Mike and I decided to scout it out. We walked all around the building to find it sealed up tight. As a last resort, I suggested to Mike we try the front door and to both of our surprise, it opened right up! Who would have thought?

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The Reader

I want to start a new ongoing photography project that is very different from what I normally shoot. My goal is for these photographs to have a “cinematic” feel to them… And no HDR. Now, this is something extremely new to me and is something that I hope to get better at and evolve my photography style. I have always been impressed with street photography but never got around to actually doing it. When I came across this cinematic-styled photography, I was immediately drawn to it. So imagine pressing pause on your blu-ray player at home and images that you see are paused movie scenes. That is the look that I hope to be achieving.

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Urban Decay

I had the opportunity meet up with fellow HDR photographer Mike “Theaterwiz” Criswell to do a bit of urbexing in Pittsburgh on Saturday. If you get the chance, click the link above to check out some of Mike’s work. He does some awesome HDR. It was really nice to finally meet and go out and shoot with him after a few years of chatting online and seeing each other’s work. Mike drove in from Ohio for one sole purpose, Urbex Photography. We hit up a few different abandoned locations in the area, including the image below, the St. Peter and St. Paul Church just a few minutes from downtown Pittsburgh. Check back for more photos from our great photo walk through these abandoned places.

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