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Yesterday, my wife had a wedding shower to attend out near my parent’s house and I had the whole afternoon to myself. I decided to take a ride out to McConnells Mill State Park which is about 45 minutes from there. It was the perfect late summer day for photography. When I got to the parking lot of the hiking trail, it was full of cars. I thought the waterfall was going to packed with people, leaving me with no photo opportunities. Boy I was wrong! I only saw a few different people along the way, all who had little kids who couldn’t get near the waterfall because of the slick rocks. For the most part, I was completely alone to galavant through the falls!

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Sunrise On The Allegheny Panorama

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I was super excited when I woke up on Wednesday last week because everything was covered in a dense fog. I grabbed my camera on the way to work and as I was driving, the fog started to lift. I still wanted to stop for a few quick shots since the sunrise still looked pretty nice. This is a three-shot, HDR panorama of the North Shore looking at downtown Pittsburgh. I don’t take too many panoramas because I never like the way they turn out and this is the first exception. Please do yourself a favor and click on the photo to view it large on black!

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Fountain And The Cathedral

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Last week, I went on a photo walk around the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh with Brook Ward and my Dad. Oakland is probably one of my favorite regions in Pittsburgh. Since last week was the first week of school for the University of Pittsburgh, everyone was outside enjoying the perfect weather. I saw tight rope walkers, parties on the university’s lawn, Frisbee throwers, cornhole and more.

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Sandy Shores

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While on vacation, I don’t normally bring my camera out to the beach during the day. It’s just one of those things I don’t want to be concerned over. It gets super hot out, sand is everywhere, and people walking all around, my camera is one less thing to worry about. I am usually too hot anyway and end up spending 95% of my time in the water. The day I took this photo, these interesting cloud formations came rolling in and I figured it would make some cool images.

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Principal’s Office

Here is one of the hallways at the abandoned Larimer Elementary School. I visited this back in March with my Dad, Brook Ward and Jay Cassidy. This place was one of the coolest abandoned places that I have ever been to. It had so much many rooms and hallways to explore. All of the hallways and classrooms had enough light to allow for auto bracketing on the camera (a feature necessary for HDR). Sometimes, when I visit abandoned places, it is so dark, I am only able to get one exposure.

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To be quite honest, I didn’t know anything about the Supermoon over the weekend. Our neighborhood church has a summer end festival every year including fireworks on Sunday night. Since we are just two blocks away, we sat on our back deck to watch them. When I saw the moon, I knew that I had to get my camera! The sky was so clear that I had plenty of time to experiment. This is first attempt and there isn’t much going on in the image, but I wanted to share my results. It’s also the first time that I had a powerful enough telephoto lens to shoot it.

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