Take Me Home

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Last week, I finally got the chance to take some photos after work with some great, local photographers. I met up with my dad, Brook Ward and Jay Cassidy. If you get a chance, be sure to check their work out! We met up on possibly the hottest day of the year. Luckily, we got some nice cloud coverage and hiked down the railroad tracks along Station Square to get to this spot underneath the Fort Duquesne Bridge. I’ve seen numerous photographers shoot this spot before, but no one in our group has. I’m glad we stopped!

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El Jobo Bay Sunrise

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When you travel to a different country on a resort, it can be difficult to come home with images without people in them. I got up one morning just before sunrise to walk through our resort and take some photos without people getting in the way. I only ran into two people the entire time! I started at the top of our resort and made my way down to the beach and took a few sunrise photos on the water. The lighting in the morning is just so perfect!

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Road To Miravalles

The Miravalles Volcano is one of the areas we explored while in Costa Rica. We had the opportunity to horseback up this road into the rainforest before hiking. If memory serves me correctly, the actual volcano is out of the frame to the left and the trail leads between the two mountains. Before going on the tour of the Miravalles Volcano area, I didn’t want to horseback at all and tried to get out of it. I’ve never gone horseback riding and wanted to hike in order to take pictures. Looking back, riding the horses ended up being my favorite part! It’s funny how those sort of things work out!

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Courthouse Symmetry

When meeting up with my Dad and Brook Ward a few weeks ago, we wanted to get some perspectives and locations that we haven’t shot before. The Allegheny County Courthouse was one spot on our list. It was pretty awesome to shoot in this little courtyard. When we first arrived, a police officer started to give us some problems about being in there with cameras and tripods, but once we told him that we were photography enthusiasts just taking photos for fun, he was cool with us hanging around. That was pretty awesome of him!

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Dreamy Sunrise

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Our resort in Costa Rica was one of the most spectacular places I have ever been to. The resort grounds were nestled between two mountainous jungles in the middle of nowhere, looking out onto a secluded bay. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I wanted to get some pictures around the resort but it was difficult to do with people everywhere. Since I never fully adjusted to the two hour time difference, I was up at 6:00 each morning. I made use of the time when virtually no one was out that early and snapped photos of the whole resort. It was perfect!

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Kaufmann’s Clock

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I met up with my Dad and Brook Ward for a photo walk last week for the first time in what felt like a really long time to get some shots around the city. My schedule has been so busy lately, I really just don’t have the time to go out and shoot like I use to. Hopefully that will change sometime in the near future. I really have a great time just wondering around taking photos of whatever comes up.

This is the former Kaufmann’s Clock in downtown Pittsburgh. I wanted to stop and grab a shot of this since Macy’s is closing its downtown location later this year. I set up for this long exposure right smack in the middle of rush hour and I am almost positive I received some dirty looks of passengers on the sidewalk since I was taking up quite a bit of space with my tripod… Oh well! No HDR here. Just a good ‘ol fashion black & white photo.

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